My name is Dess and I am a Filipina.

I am not a writer but loves to write anything that bangs my head.  It's a perfect venue to free myself from those twisted and tangled self-made thoughts. This blog is nothing more than just of sharing my expressions of stuff I am inclined to. With fashion of my own style, although I keep a lot of inspirations to watch myself to be in contact still with fashion norms. With travel destinations and my experiences while on journey.  With keeping one’s self fit to inspire others to believe themselves and be self-confident.  If I have it and can do better, why can’t you? We all can. We all have the guts to say that we look stunningly beautiful.  ;-)

I have been working in the middle east since 2005 (to help build a nation). Prior to joining in a male-dominated industry, been practicing to keep a company run by maintaining its ultimate resource affluent – the people, defending on procedures and quality standards to prove that it does not only mean on a paper and everything is fabricated just to impress the global market. Last but not least, been involved in a non-government institution back in the islands of  Philippines supporting its projects for the well-being of underprivileged and help them empower to be self-reliant. How? Ask me and I will tell you. Come on, give us 10 points for this ;-) 

And ohh, give me a cup of coffee and I’m on to battle the long day at work.

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