23 May 2011

Running helps me.....

not only that I (feel) physically fit, but it plays a huge role in fixing up my brain.  Oh no, I'm not going insane!

Running is my favorite workout.  I have been running all time since I wanted to be skinny like some of my friends are.  But having this to be my favorite now didn't come easy. I start on a program because of someone I was inspired from - for instance seeing how a lady looks good on her top and jeans because she is skinny. 

But, that used to be just a start and never gets the desired result I want so I stop.  Then on and on. 

I was like a kid who looks for an outright prize or immediate reward on whatever I do.  If I don't see a good result out of my effort for a week or two of exhausting and sweating myself, I get tired and withdraw. I was impatient and never did serious on putting much effort into my work out / running program.

But then again, this should not rule me out forever.  I had to let my will and discipline be involved in weeding out my negative vibes and being pessimistic and work hard on something I want to achieve.

Gladly, it is working on me!  It's been three months that I have been following my program and I can see good result of it, somehow.  I lose 5 kgs in three months.  Well, not maybe a big achievement for a three-month hard work but it's still a remarkable result that I can consider. I still grab my weekend cravings anyway.

And oh, yes, running helps me keep my sanity intact! lol! I can constructively and wildly think on anything.  This is the venue where my imagination works better and without realizing it, I am already onto execution of something out from that imagination.  Don't you think it's healthy? I do!

Much Love - xxx!

19 May 2011

Thursday Full of Love

That is what the outfit for today is all about :)

Wearing a stunningly skinny red jeans coupled with floral accent top and heels, what else can you describe how am I today rather than being inlove?  Ohh, I've got so much love to give....lol! So much love to give for a volunteer work tomorrow in Abu Dhabi.  Yes, you heard it right.  I am doing some social work for Abu Dhabi community. 

It took me for a while to search some social / charity group here in the UAE that I can join and volunteer work for a good cause.  It's something that I desired since I left the PI.  I missed doing these things back in the Philippines.  From providing medical missions to inmates and remote barangay areas, setting up livelihood projects for deserving families, etc. and etc.  The whole social work thing.

It is in this way that I feel I am somebody.  A human.  It is so rewarding to see the result of your work  benefit others or the community in anyway your service has served its real purpose. 

I do not have that capability to put up my own charity organization yet for a wider reach of beneficiaries but who knows, I may be able to have it someday.  Meanwhile, I have to continue what has been staggered for a while where there is a need for me to be involved in activities for humanitarian cause. This is what all I know to feel that I am here, to serve that real purpose. xxx

Happy weekend everyone! Much love! - xoxo