23 May 2011

Running helps me.....

not only that I (feel) physically fit, but it plays a huge role in fixing up my brain.  Oh no, I'm not going insane!

Running is my favorite workout.  I have been running all time since I wanted to be skinny like some of my friends are.  But having this to be my favorite now didn't come easy. I start on a program because of someone I was inspired from - for instance seeing how a lady looks good on her top and jeans because she is skinny. 

But, that used to be just a start and never gets the desired result I want so I stop.  Then on and on. 

I was like a kid who looks for an outright prize or immediate reward on whatever I do.  If I don't see a good result out of my effort for a week or two of exhausting and sweating myself, I get tired and withdraw. I was impatient and never did serious on putting much effort into my work out / running program.

But then again, this should not rule me out forever.  I had to let my will and discipline be involved in weeding out my negative vibes and being pessimistic and work hard on something I want to achieve.

Gladly, it is working on me!  It's been three months that I have been following my program and I can see good result of it, somehow.  I lose 5 kgs in three months.  Well, not maybe a big achievement for a three-month hard work but it's still a remarkable result that I can consider. I still grab my weekend cravings anyway.

And oh, yes, running helps me keep my sanity intact! lol! I can constructively and wildly think on anything.  This is the venue where my imagination works better and without realizing it, I am already onto execution of something out from that imagination.  Don't you think it's healthy? I do!

Much Love - xxx!

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