22 November 2010

Took a day off on a Monday

So I took a day off today and it's Monday cos I was tooo lazy! I know what you're thinking, No, it isn't just like that. Let me finish this first before you violently think of something.

I got all the energy and laughing nerves over some crazy fun stuff with roomies last night after my running session at the field. And the result early morning today, feeling dizzy and a bug on my stomach!

Ok, I have to be honest. I felt dizzy when I woke up this morning cos I slept almost 1am on a working week when I am supposed to be snoring at 10pm maximum (no, I don't snore!). Made myself stay up so late for a junkie movie, ugh! Literally, it didn't please me so I will not be talking about it.

And having stomach bug? I'l continue this but promise that you won't laugh...I said, don't laugh!

Ok, myself being a hard-headed one, I poisoned myself with a sweetened yoghurt!

Warning: Expired yoghurt can be dangerous to your health. It may cause laziness and drive you to take a working-day off!

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