20 November 2010

A Visit to Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

I and the girls have initially planned to have our Thursday night spend in Al Ain.  Although I was a bit reluctant to go out of town again as I just got myself  back to normal after a day and night out in Dubai few days back, I can’t resist the girls super enhanced way of inviting me out.  So just after work, prepared my stuff, essentials for a party get up and there I was ready for my escape again!
But never had I thought that there was a change of plan until I was picked up by the girls and told me that the Al Ain escape was no more up.  That was super fine to me cos I wasn’t really keen to go out of town again. So we didn’t but headed to Yas Island instead which was more favourable for me.
The Yas Hotel’s spectacular night view from afar was awesome! The lights combination which I completely don’t understand how these variety of electrical lights blend so perfectly to form a magnificent giant gem-like sparkling in the island at night.  Too bad, wasn’t able to take a photo just to give justice of what I am talking about.   
First stop was at Crowne Plaza hotel.  Nothing special but we just wanted to ask the parking space for Radisson Blu hotel customers.  Yeah I know we were crazy to ask the Crowne Plaza hotel staff when we wanted to go to Radisson Blu!
At Radisson Blu, there are only two restaurants where we do not know how those foods available in the menu are to be eaten. No, I’m kidding.  It wasn’t just not of our choice to pick the place at that time. But ten points to the hotel staff, we were advised to hop to Yas Hotel to check a nicer restaurant.  I don’t know if he meant “nice” is somewhere we know how to properly drink their liquors and dine finely.
At Yas hotel.  Oh yes, wide variety of restaurants to choose from.  There was Blue Grill, Y bar, and what else? Oh sorry, these are the names I remember from all the checkin’ and peekin’ we did around the place.  The result, we ended at One to One hotel for a dinner and few drinks!  Goodness, we were not able to accommodate at the place we spent almost 2 hours checking around cos we did not make reservations! Yes, before you plan out for a dinner and head to Yas Hotel, be sure to make your reservations beforehand.  That will ensure you will have the table and don’t want to ruin your date’s first impression to you.
The night wasn’t over at One to One hotel after all the girls talking of their fair share with their love lives.  Well, what else to talk about when girls meet more girls? Lol! We headed to one of the girls apartment and had a sip of Baileys, baby! ‘Til I fell asleep at 4am and woke the same day at 12nn!
It wasn’t a bad night, at all.  Thanks my girls for the night.  ‘Til the next meet up.

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