19 December 2010

The Right Spirit for Christmas: + or $, whichever you may choose!

It wasn’t that long after my grade school I realized that Christmas is not for parties at school, exchange gifts, a must-have new pair of shoes and clothes, crying for a penny from neighbor after we render our Christmas carols, hanging our pair of socks at the window expecting that Santa Clause will come and put on few presents from his huge bag of gifts, Christmas foodies, etc, and a lot more.

My younger sis and I always expect those when ‘ber’ months start off. Ohhh Christmas is coming and we have to make a list of what to buy from the money we will raise from our Christmas carols and some from our relatives. Things have been like these until I realized Christmas isn’t just like that but there’s much more. Wow, now I’m not talking sh*t here.

How simple a child’s mind is.

And I thought so. But what the heck that I am on my nearly half of life’s existence, I still have the same mind of a child I was whenever Christmas approaches. Well, I have grown maturely that I thought, with various things in this rocky-road of life I am taking. But with Christmas presents (hey, include birthdays as well!) nothing has changed. The only thing that went on the other side is it’s me who gives presents and not receiving one, anymore :-(

That’s alright. Since I started working my ass off and earning some pennies for a cup of rice, I’ve been always the giver, monetarily so to speak – to family of course, who else’s? Don’t ask me if I still have some in my bank account in this case. Not even dare to borrow. I am telling you, I don’t have anything to lend ;-)

I was actually thinking about being tight even just for once. Of not giving out. Just this Christmas. Be tough for once. But to no success! I don’t know why I have to be feeling guilty when I shouldn’t be? I still gave in and split the remittance to three (3) destinations – La Union, Samar and Cebu! Who can beat that? Did I just have more beneficiaries than a charity organization has? Oh no!

Again, that’s alright! Now I can sleep better and go celebrate the fun Christmas parties waiting for us (too excited) without leaving any guilt at the apartment and face them back again when I’m over with some fun times. Of course, I don’t want that.

For whatever you may perceive what Christmas is all about, (+) religiously or a ($) materialistic indulgence, it’s really all up to you.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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