17 May 2011

Did I Stumble On Unworthy Stuff....Again?

Oops, I did it again! This is all what I can tell myself after realizing how fool I am taking decisions on anything.  An impulse buy for a pair of shoes, accessories, electronic gadgets; a not well-thought decision over something not realizing the consequences it will bring in the end; etc, etc. are just my common mistakes that seemingly recur in number of times. 

I am sick of these mistakes and have sworn myself these things shouldn't be happening again.  That a mistake should always serve as lesson for me not to commit of another one. That it will just remind me the worst possible thing that might happen again if I err for the same thing.

I try hard to battle these forces but I never seem to succeed.  That there is always something that pushes me to fall on the same dungeon of the past.  Yes, it is completely lame and not easy to deal with. Sort of a self-inflicted bad vibes and yet I am still on the same picture!   

Until when I will be over on the same "picture"?  I don't know but this should not take longer.  I just deal with every moment to help me mold the real persona of whom I want to be. Tougher and wiser.  Stronger to deal with every aspect of uncertainty and most of all, the real grown-up lady who is confident to make such smart, wise and huge decisions of this so-called thing, life.

But at this stage, I still have with my all efforts, right attitude and complete care on anything I do and want with hopes for something to outgrow.  I am having fun yet I am feeling some disappointments. It's complicated that will give me options to choose.  Take the experience to a better me or otherwise. I always give in another try, hence for the same mistake.  Not giving up right away until I knew it is unworthy and no way that is meant for me.

I hope for the best. This time, maybe something that is meant for me.

Monday cheers! - xxx

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