05 May 2011

Thursday Comfy Outfit!

This pair of heeled blew me away! Whoa love 'em much!

The complete outfit is all new grabs from F21! Ohhh, except the choker, she's from Claires.  Just eyed her yesterday and I fell in love with that stunningly heart-shaped pendant and what else, not bad for a AED20 half price-cut deal huh?  Can't just resist not to pass by.

Need I say more how comfortable this whole outfit is? Ohhh boy it is! I can wear 'em all day long may at work, strollin' at the mall or even a casual meet up again with the girls tonight, perhaps?  Well that's to celebrate the weekend.  But I need to hit the running field first before any 'cos I aint have my wellness time yesterday waiting for something to receive almost in vain :(

So here I say, happy weekend everyone :)

xxx from the UAE ;)

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