07 July 2009

….Not on LQ, nor piss off, I just want it to be different…I am having a short hair.

Aha! LQ with your partner? My colleague teased me about my new look. Yeah, new look coz I just had my haircut yesterday. Who would have thought having a long hair for more than 5 years will now on a shorter one. Whoever sees me will always tease me off with LQ or break-up with my dear partner, etc. (oh for goodness sake!) because I made my hair cut short . I really do not know why it became a habit especially with ladies to jump into such lines. Anyway, I have planned of having it long time but I wasn’t that persistent enough to decide because of the thought of missing my long hair afterwards. So I kept it for about 6 months.

Having a long hair is just like nurturing a plant. People who live in the deserted area invest a lot with their vegetations from the soil, fertilizers, etc. Watering them everyday, grassing them off and to the extent of having a talk with them. Plants do have life. They may not have the ears to hear you, but the personal touch you share would not replace and couldn’t be even better with any kind of fertilizer you pour into it. Likewise having a long hair. Shampoo + conditioner + hot oil + cellophane + re-bonding or relaxing and all types of hair treatment are just common fertilizers for your hair. And having it long, the more it requires and that means the more you spend and the more visit you make to your favorite hair salon. Lucky enough those who does not suffer from any split ends or hair damage despite under a burning temperature of 48 degree celsius nowadays in the UAE.

So why do ladies are crazy to have long hair? Spending over it? Hair does play a big role in a woman's physical appearance. It’s a fact that having a long shiny-hair does add a more feminine look and to woman's beauty even if you are not blessed to have the face you wished you have because you cannot afford to go to Belo or Calayan (Philippines' famous Cosmetic Surgeons) :-) Hmmn, now this makes me conscious how do I look like having my short hair. So, I grabbed my mobile phone and took a picture on my new haircut.

...first attempt :-)

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