06 July 2009

Weekend Review

Still very sleepy....I had my 2-day off but didn't have the chance to sleep well....Let me review how did my weekend go:
Thurs, 5PM (After work) - Headed to sweety’s family place and packed up things for family beach party; 7PM - 9PM - Did some shopping for BBQ and shisha stuff in Abu Dhabi Coop and Al Mina Bazaar; Stayed in the beach till 5AM and backed home at 6AM, Friday. Enjoyed swimming with sweety and lil sis.
Friday - Woke up at 11AM and did my laundry. Prepared breakfast (it’s actually brunch) for sweety. Brunch finished at 2PM. Headed to Carrefour Airport Road at 7PM for the month’s grocery shopping and backed home at 9:30PM. Fixed and kept some personal items at sweety’s fridge + dinner + small chat in majlis (Arabic sala) while exploring my new mobile we picked from Carrefour. So weird, wasn’t feelin’ sleepy but eventually glued myself on bed at 5AM!!!
Saturday – Woke up at 7AM to wake up my partner for the day’s scheduled training with his client. Basically had less than 2-hour sleep. Prepared breakfast and joined sweety for the meal at 8AM. Did some cleaning and rearrangement at mine and sweety’s (2 different rooms, btw :-) ) room (glad he liked it!); finished at 11AM. Cooked food for sweety’s lunch after work; finished at 1PM. Managed myself to watch TV and re-do my love song compilation on my mobile till 3PM. Took a nap and had my shower at 5:30PM. Had lunch-dinner with sweety at 6:30PM (so overwhelmed, he enjoyed the food I cooked!). Sat with sweety and his twin sis for a chat + TV + checked some interesting forwarded mails and signed off at 11PM then woke up at 5AM today!
I’m a little bit exhausted coz I didn’t have that much sleep, however I am very much contented and happy when I see someone especially to a person you value most appreciates and grateful on the small things I do on my own simple way to make him happy. Looking forward again to a great weekend ahead…but surely I will have a long sleep then :-)

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