05 October 2009

How to deal with "I no speak English" Taxi Driver

Struggled my tongue talking to this taxi guy yesterday. Here did it go:

Lourdes: Hello, take me to Shamkha please?
Taxi guy: Ok....kamseen? (means, he's asking for AED50 fare)
Lourdes: Lesh? Too much, baba...it's very near! (Mohammed Bin Zayed City to Shamkha City) was a lil grumpy but had no choice not to agree so I said "OK, let's go!"
Taxi guy: I no speak English! ;-) - this means I have to speak in arabic to guide him the way...I was already counting those arabic words I know that I can use the next time the taxi guy will ask me which way to "yamin - right, yassar-left, al attol / sida-straight"
....and so the taxi guy asked: Wen Shamha? As in he pronounced without "k" Lourdes:La! Mu Shamha. Shamkha! (No, not Shamha, it's Shamkha!)
Taxi guy: Baref (I know) Shamha! (and was talking nearby areas to Shamkha! – we were talking the same place but I still insisted that it wasn't Shamha coz he's might be referring to Samha, which is another city after Shahama!) Anyway, I just kept quiet as I observed the taxi guy was getting piss off me telling that he's pronouncing it wrong!! Til such time that he said "Filipini mushkilah, arabi, arabi, mafi". Ouch! I wanted to yell at him (but of course, I won't :-)...I thought I was the one not pronouncing it right so I calmed down and said "Shukran Baba, khalas, Ok Shamha?" and he stopped! Oh thank God!

When I reached my destination, I asked my arabic buddies if the place is pronounced as Shamha as in silent "k" in arabic but I was right, it's "Shamkha" with a "k" ;-)
Just a simple lesson: Don't argue with taxi drivers, they know much more the places outside Abu Dhabi than we are. Don't try to teach them how name of places in Abu Dhabi being pronounced, coz they will not believe you. Again, they know the place ;-)
But most importantly, control your temper at all times! This helps a lot to any situations.

Have a good day everyone :-)

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