06 March 2010

Heels or Flats?

I was never fan of wearing chucks, sneakers, rubber shoes or any flat for that matter. I am petite and would at least get some high heeled shoes to complement a little height while I am on my mall hopping, attending events and even just going to the supermarket.

I used to stick with stilettos and clogs..basically anything that’s elevated I am stepping in while I am out :-) ! I used to claim, I am much comfortable walking with my high heels on rather than with sleepers or a flat shoes! Ugh so true! Aside from of course it gives you a sense of style of wearing high heels, you look fabulous and sexy – never mind the body :-) ! Just pay attention on the feet.

And apparently till now, it didn’t change. I am still into high heeled shoes! However I have to use the new piece I got now. Well I didn’t get it for myself, somebody did, insisting that it looks good on me with matching cap to go for a walk at the corniche (Arabic name of Park nearby to the beach) – hmmn, how about that?

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