26 April 2010

Mixed Stuff...Career, Mom, Etc.

I have 10 more days left in UAE before I will be able to embrace my love ones once again. Yes, I am having my 30-day vacation after a 12-month long of counting and waiting.

A year had passed so quickly. What have I done and accomplished after a year? Does the change in career path I planned has been achieved yet? A better career path? Have I accomplished something worthwhile to be proud of?

If I were in Philippines and continued what I have left there, would it have been much better of an option instead of aiming high what UAE has to offer?

There are couple of options in between to choose from. But options coupled with taking risks and no assurance that the best possible option you thought of will be chosen right. Dilemma..dilemma...dilemma...Should I let these remain for the time being? Or will it be the same again of "opportunities of taken for granted?"

I really don't know.

All I wish for on 8th of May 2010, I will be able to see my mom again. The woman who gave life to me. The reason of my being.

I may not have given the chance long back to bond with my mom, not even a chance to get closer to her, as I grew up with my grandparents, I will make at this point in time to make each and every single day a special for her.

How time flies that fast. She was just an adorable woman in her 50's and now she's starting to feel weak. I can't just hold my tears thinking that my mom is no more the woman who is full of strength and used to visit me once or twice a week at my grandparents' place to check how I was. Before, in my happy childhood memories...

Oh mom, I am just missing you so much! Me at my best and my worst, you are there to cheer me up. I love you!

See you in 10 days!

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