20 April 2010

....and the excitement begins!

This just a continuation of my previous post entitled "Highlighting 16-17 April 2010".

I thought I will have no chance to hear CJW again after that long hours of exchange of conversations, laughs and craziness over the noisy environment. I thought I wouldn't be able to read even just a simple "hi" through text message from him. All assumptions because I didn't want to make any move from my side. I am still in a conventional way of handling this kind of things, of approaching people.

I know that in order to let the water flow, it should be me to hit the button first. I was given the clue like telling me somehow to do my part. But I was very hesitant. I don't wanna start things that eventually will turn to be out of retrospect of what anyone else should expect for.

Late Sunday and the questions I had, shall I give a ring? Send a message? such words of catching up? Nah, I don't think so! But he might be gone...and what if? Really what if he'll be gone?

There's no harm in trying what I want to do and nobody knows yet what's going to happen next. I was just having my fingers crossed.

Well, it turned well. The rest followed :-)

And what makes it interesting more? It's going to be what I am going to find out next. What would it be?

Oh well, I am just me! Happy :-)

Happy Wednesday afternoon, folks!

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