04 April 2010

The "Capricorn" Personality

Capricorns are classy, practical, reliable and thoughtful. Powerful ambition combined with an excellent work ethic increase their likelihood of success.

Hmmn, I found this article interesting to keep. My personality - the capricorn personality and so forth...

From early childhood, most Capricorns are self-disciplined, serious, determined, mature and able to persevere in the face of adversity. Capricorns tend to work hard and rise in their chosen fields to achieve positions of status. In their careers, they often end up in positions of power, earning the respect of others rather than simply asking for it. - Still in pursuit. Have tried and went down but doesn't stop me not to try again.

Most Capricorns keep their promises and fulfill their obligations. They are less likely to stand people up or waste their time than those of other signs, and they have little tolerance for “flakiness” or unreliability in others. - indeed, right!

Diplomatic and Humorous
Capricorns have an excellent sense of humour, which tends to be rather wry or dark. When Capricorns feel hurt, this humour can become sarcastic and cruel, but the rest of the time they are inclined to be diplomatic, preferring to avoid unnecessary conflict. - I'm really like that!

Cautious and Wary
Capricorns can be over-conventional, afraid to break with tradition or try new things because they are more comfortable with what has been proven reliable over time. They are slow to trust, and they don’t let their emotions show easily. Most have a deep fear of public humiliation and a strong streak of self-consciousness, which prevents them from making dramatic fashion statements or emotional scenes in public. When they are feeling anxious or low, others rarely know it.

Capricorns don’t usually bring their problems to others, but instead suffer in silence. They find it hard to open up to other people and so have difficulty establishing deep relationships, though when they do they tend to be very loyal, reliable and trustworthy friends. Capricorns have good memories, both for those who have helped them and those who have harmed them. Being honourable by nature, most will repay a debt or a good deed with something equivalent or better, and some will repay a bad deed with revenge.

Prone to Anxiety and Depression
Capricorns often suffer from low self-esteem, as they tend to be very hard on themselves. This tendency toward negativity can become full-blown depression if they’re not careful. They need to give themselves a little leeway and not expect perfection all the time. Capricorns are also prone to anxiety, and this combined with a tendency toward cleanliness can in some cases manifest as a germ phobia.

Good with Money
Capricorns make prudent investments and are good at earning money from a variety of sources. Unless the ascendant falls in a more careless sign, they maintain a balanced budget, save money and continue to invest wisely. They don’t feel safe until they’ve accumulated a large nest egg and have lots of possessions. Capricorns are drawn to the fine things in life, and they are excellent at gathering assets that are likely to increase in value. However, taken to the extreme, practicality with money can tip over into self-deprivation and miserliness.

Rational and Intellectual
Capricorns are very logical and intellectual, which can make them seem detached or even cold because they don’t show their emotions easily for fear of being vulnerable. They are actually quite sensitive with those they care about, though they can be ruthless in business and when going after what they want. Their perfectionist natures can lead to obsessive-compulsive behaviours if they’re not careful. These tendencies, combined with the Capricorn work ethic, make Capricorns excellent business partners and providers unless the ascendant is in a less reliable sign.

Fitness Activities
Capricorns usually stay in good shape because most have a strong need for exercise, and they are not inclined to overindulge. Many run or play sports such as tennis, soccer or hockey. Regular exercise helps stave off the negative feelings that tend to afflict this sign. Most Capricorns have some sort of fitness routine, or else they watch their diets. They tend to be on the slim side to begin with and are less likely to become obese or unfit than those of other signs, though having a more decadent ascendant can override these healthy tendencies to some degree. - Ohhh, this where my usual walk and jog routine comes in!

Delayed Rewards
Most Capricorns go through more than the usual amount of hardship, but the bulk of this hard karma tends to occur in the first half of life, as if the Capricorns want to get it all over with at once so that they can move on to better times in the second half. In keeping with this trend, Capricorns have a tendency to age in reverse, looking younger than their biological age as they grow older and becoming more youthful and laid back when they reach middle age and beyond.

Old Souls
Capricorns are the old souls of the zodiac. When they are young, they seem older and more mature than their peers. Most view children their own age as immature and seek out older companions who are more on their level.

Capricorn children are usually good at amusing themselves and not bothering others. Some Capricorns get picked on in school because they earn good grades or they are shy and withdrawn. Those with the ascendant or moon in a fire or air sign tend to be more extroverted.

Highly Active
Capricorns are usually very active and have little tolerance for lazy people. They tend to engage in productive activities in their spare time and most have many hobbies. They are not likely to sit around in front of the TV unless they can do something useful while they’re watching or the program is educational or informative. They like to be busy and usefully occupied. Many Capricorns have musical talents, but most are too practical to do this as more than a sideline or a hobby.

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People know me would agree that this is what really "Lourdes' Personality". It just hit off right what I am really like. Doesn't sound weird, superb neither intimidating, is it? Pretty normal being :-)

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