04 April 2010

Baskin Robbins.....anyone?

The moment we knew one of our colleagues does not show at his waiting area at 6:05AM, that means he is taking his car to the office and "another" means, will be having a ride back home (Oh sorry, I am being presumptous that much! lol!)"and another means", we'll be reaching 20 minutes earlier than an hour company bus ride.

Compared to the usual routine of sleeping in the bus, here, we don't! A lot of bullying and stories are being brought up on the table. Everything that can be discussed from. You'll get pissed off? Your lose! Sensitivity does not count here. So just stay calm and go with the flow :-)

Speaking of bullying, this day we got paid 3 days earlier before end of the month and one spoke for an ice-cream treat. It wasn't that serious if I may assess it but somebody agreed to that! That calls for a stop at Baskin Robbins on the way.

....and the ice-cream came :-)

Thanks for the treat, Ate Ning! :-)

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