05 April 2010

The Truth...Behind a Busy Schedule

I am yet to begin writing few lines about the title and I am dead laughing at loud already :-))

Ok, let me do it quick before I continue these week and month's reports lying on my table.

When I was still in a relationship 4 months ago, I just assume I really was :-), the other party would always show me his very colorful calendar implying that he was too busy and even behind schedules with his projects, client appointments, etc. Never I complained about it because if there was one person who was proud behind his career growth, that was me. As we claimed to be partners, we helped each other in several ways. Professionally-wise, the relationship was ok. We can discuss and I can relate to what the nature of his work because I was once in the same field as well. That was actually the chance how our relationship beyond professionals developed.

By merely presenting to me that eye-catchy calendar signals that "oops, there is no time for something else". Whatever that something else or activities, will not have to compete with all what were scheduled in the calendar. I was just too nice that I never did. Being too nice is not really nice :-)

...and will never and ever compete coz there will be no more chances to see that calendar again.

Anyway, that was past! and past should remain in the past.

Now, here comes the truth behind a busy schedule. I was amused when I looked at my boss board and thought of taking a photo of it. You analyze what the photos say. The personality of my boss and all :-) Hmmn, I ain't lucky to have a wonderful boss who draws like this? No stress and head ups, purely casual and motivational.

....the busy board with Tender submission dates reminders

.... and the not-so-busy board with his true personality reflected on it! lol!

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