27 June 2010

Life's Ultimate Treasure

It wasn’t like this before. We used to have quality time together to share stories, laugh, petty jealousy with each other, exchange text messages, call each other to say “hi” and “how are you”. This time is way far different. The coldness starts in the air. Why? Maybe because we do not have much time for each other? Due to what? Works, pressure and stress? Yes I guess! But why do we let these make us the slaves of over thinking of getting power and money? We do not see the beautiful life has to offer and how should it be because of how we balance things around us.

“You have lost the diamond because you were busy picking up several not-so-precious stones” is mostly being regarded when everything is already lost in our lives because you’ve taken them for granted. We do not seem to realize that God has always His purpose to send somebody who comes to us, who we meet and maybe stay in our lives. Circumstances happen in between where we were given a chance to nurture whatever has been given to us. There was a reason why did I meet him / her and so absolutely, there is always a reason as well why God should let somebody go when the mission has been done. May it be successful or not.

I hope this message should somehow touch people of who knows nothing but putting worldly things first in their lives rather than a value of priceless family, friends, love ones who really care a lot but as usual, being neglected. The thought that they are always there for you, for us? What if something happens and everything’s late? No more chances to spend a quality time, share laughters, anything that cannot be equated with monetary value with your love ones because they are already gone. You did not have the chance to say I care about you, I love you and I really appreciate the small things you have done, and finally say Thank you. No more because we were blinded with our hunger and greediness with wisdom, wordly things, intellect. But we never think of emotions and spiritual life to be blend with whatever we do. We always forget to think of what we will make us happy. A simple life with friends, family and love ones around us. Power and material things are just temporary and couldn’t last forever, my friend.

Now, think and recollect.

(written sometime back)

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