29 June 2010

Confusion with an Assumed Situation

I finally have it!

You read it right! I have finally got what I was hoping to be over for almost 3 long weeks. I have been struggling with fear of the complications might bring me out from an assumed situation.

I maybe so pathetic thinking the impact of this situation will just affect me in so many negatively ways.

First – Family issue. A huge family disappointment! Who would want to cause your family in any form of disappointment?

Second – I am in a foreign land where there is no room for mistakes. Mistake means sorry, not accepted!

Third – I am just about to start again a so-called “life” and I don’t want to begin this in a chaotic manner. I don’t believe of who you become in the future of mere fate only. Because of what you are today, what you are really working out for will reflect of what you will be in the future.

Fourth – I’ve been standing strong all through the years and I don’t wish that this issue (coz I am the one who is involve here) will break me down as a fighter. There is more to tell about here, and I don’t want to remember them again…afterall, most are bad memories.

Thinking of at least to lessen the mental burden I had for 2 weeks, took a prelim procedure of finding a not-so-sure result and turned to have been null. So I was quite happy but still not overjoyed because it might have not been 100% accurate unless a much stronger proof comes!

I was delighted with what just came today! With strong prayers and faith, I am again given a chance to put things in order. A chance that should be carefully be given a much importance and value in line with wise decision-making. Good chances are indeed granted to chosen ones only. And I am lucky to be one of them ;-)

Another episode of a so-called “life”.

Ces’t la vie!

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