01 July 2010

World Cup 2010

Who does not know about the slated new craze in town, the World Cup 2010?!

Football, football, football is everywhere! Sports bars are always busy, it's tumultous everywhere when people favorite's teams play. The screaming and yelling of football fans is unstoppable.

Football is the fave talk of the town nowadays. And it doesn't stop in the sports club. It goes throughout the work place as well! Here's a bit of evidence of how my office buddies, I wouldn't say crazy (coz I'm one of them, lol!) about football but a big fan of it ;-)

We, that includes my own boss - the Head of Planning, the Estimation Manager and my colleague, had our own bet which team will make it to the quarter, semi-finals and the most awaited final! Quite not bad for which team we picked as somehow we know how each team play. However, things may go differently than expected and the ones you've anticipated of not making it will excel!

My fave team, Brazil will be playing for quarter-finals with Netherlands tomorrow. I hope they'll make it with no yellow or red colors!

Viva Brazil! ;-)

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