29 June 2010

The Weekend to Escape a Weary Mind

I have been enjoying my weekend so far for couple of months now. Earlier was entirely a boring one! So typical, routinary and energy-buster as I used to stay in just one place by merely doing boring activities to mention such as watching TV, eat, sleep, do my laundry, internet browsing, etc. There were no chances of seeing the outside world as I was in an isolated place that cannot be reached by rays of opportunities. Until one day, I realized I should not put myself the way others would want it to be. This is my life and my happiness does not depend with others. I should do things that make me fulfilled, independent and a solid person on my own.

And now I am starting it………………

Given a 2-day off, basically my weekends, is a huge blessing for me. This means I am able to do and enjoy more my personal inclinations.

Speaking of weekends, it isn’t a typical one nowadays. Every weekend gets more exciting. So many things can be done. It’s the variation of activities that make it exciting because I do things that I do not normally or never have done before. So just to give a pinch of idea what I am talking about, I will highlight how did I spend my last weekend:

1 – Attended mass and met my girl friends after in the church.
Had small catching-up conversations and ended up of deciding to spend the weekend in Dubai. It was a good opportunity though for 3 of us as we rarely have the chance to have day-off that falls on Friday and Saturday. I have mine with these days but my other 2 friends vary every week.
So, as 3 of us agreed to go to Dubai, I needed to have a 15-minute pack-my-things because friends are waiting down the building. Just imagine what did I get with that 15 minutes of grabbing girl’s stuff. Certainly a lot of things have been left out – took the wrong shoes for my outfit, incomplete make-up set and wrong accessories. But it was still exciting. The can-i-share theory with girls (not with any other stuff, purely material) really works!

2 – The Friday dinner in Dubai. Planned to have it in one of the big malls but due to a huge crowd of football fans, we ended up a restaurant in Al Rigga Street. I was so amazed with the huge screen that was placed with much effort in one of the big malls for the football matches. I wanted to stay for a while in the mall especially it was Brazil’s game, but I feel my friends did not like it so I did not spoil myself this time.

3 – After dinner. I was so confident I will be able to lead my friends in of the clubs we used to visit before when I was staying in Dubai back in 2005. Gosh, a lot have changed in the place and no way I can remember where that building is! I just felt sorry for my friend who kept on driving and leading to nowhere. She was just too patient.

Since we’re not able to find “whatever” that place, we ended dropping at Avenue Hotel and was told to watch the stand-up comedians. For a change of disco-dancing, I felt it was interesting. And it was! There was even a singing contest and was not even over yet at 1AM!

The rendition of each participant was over and names of qualifiers for the next elimination were identified. This means that audience are now able to sing as the club is a mix of karaoke and comedy bar. Those who like to sing should stand in front / on stage while following the lyrics of the song on screens walled every corner in the bar.

I just envy my 2 friends who can really sing well and brave enough to perform in front of people when we speak about singing profession. There was no sign of hesitation but had the full courage of doing it! That’s how confident my friends are and I just love it.

4 – 3AM at Al Rigga Street, Dubai – Returned back where Paz (my friend) parked the car. And gosh, 2 police patrol cars were behind the car as if waiting for us to be questioned! Oh my gosh, what would have been our violations we asked ourselves. We knew that we needed not pay for the parking space for that wee hours. But still we checked around if we’ve got a ticket and thank God there was none. Two guys were sitting nearby the car and told us that the police cars are for others violations and not for us. We felt so relieved with that and not needed to dare ask the police officer what our violation was. And to be noted, and might be unbelievable but yes, we did not have alcohol. That might have been an issue if we were checked by the PO and found out that we are! Folks, don’t get yourself in trouble! POs are really clever and you wouldn’t just know you’ll already behind bars in a blink of an eye.

5 – Still got a day to spend in Dubai. Now to Atlantis, Dubai Marina and Dubai Marine (hmn, quite confused with the two!).

Atlantis – who does not know this place if you are in Dubai? With the spectacular hotel structure built in the man made island of Palm Jumeirah. The human palm look-alike islands in Dubai.
It was my first time to visit the place. Was amazed with the structure but didn’t stop me comparing its amenities with other hotels / places I went to. The water park is incomparable with Dreamland. Dreamland is awesome! The Surroundings? I better go with Madinat Jumeirah and the Souq. And the aquarium? Dubai Mall has it!

6 – Dinner at Dubai Marina. 3 ladies are dead hungry and whoever is on a diet will never think about it. I love this place. Everywhere in this place is a restaurant, cafĂ© and more dining place. The walk ways are so relaxing and make you feel you are walking in a village nearby the sea. So good to be away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Don’t just go to the other side as you will see the high rise buildings on their way and cars bumping inch-to-inch.
Will certainly keep coming back to this place. And hmn, what about accepting a 3-month stay in one of the flats nicely situated here – for free! I’l think about it.

7 - Clubbing time to Dubai Marine. I thought the club is on Dubai Marina but we still drove almost an hour with the traffic jams to Jumeirah road. Not a bad place for a first-timer like me coz you’ve got plenty of bars to choose from.
We headed to El Malecon, a Cuban restaurant providing an exceptional combination of dining and entertainment. On the menu there is a typical Cuban cuisine with a fusion of international styles. The restaurant provides live Latino entertainment every night with a no holds barred attitude to entertainment making this is a place to visit if you don't want a quiet evening.

So speaking of with no holds barred attitude, I was about to be in slight trouble at this time. Since it was all latin music the whole night and just 1 song we got familiar from, we grabbed the chance of dancing with this “lambada” in latin tune. And to my surprise, a latin guy just came up from nowhere and took my hands and start dancing with me! I wanted to push him so bad but I reserved. I didn’t want to make such troubles in a crowd and the thought that we’re the only Asians in the bar. Reserving pride, you know. So I just danced and smiled while grudging inside. And still, he did not take off my hands. It does not mean that because he’s really a good latin dancer, I would admire him. I actually wanted to kill him! Lol!

To get out from trouble, I insisted to sit down with a tiresome gesture so he would release me from the dance floor, paid off our bill and time for a much lively dancing!!!

The night did not stop at El Malecon! Now to Boudoir - a French Bar and Night Club. A French bar and and Indian night, how does it sound? It was all spontaneous. We had no idea what’s going on this place. All we know, a much lively dancing and music happens here!!

On entering this fabulous place, you will notice the glamour, finesse and grandeur of the interior. There is an air of romance, enflamed by the French Renaissance period, yet with an added twist of Baroque arrogance. The Lounge music will gradually dissolve into the more trendy sounds of Deep House, upping the tempo and volume as the evening progresses.

Fashionable, chic and trendy are not the only images that Boudoir reflects. Add it's qualities of elegance and class.

It wasn’t a bad weekend at all. I did enjoy it very much. Although we ended the night early (1AM) as we needed to be back Abu Dhabi for work at 7AM!

And while on our way back, as early at this time we’ve already planned out something for Thursday and Friday as we’ll have common day-off still. What about trying a shooting at Caracal Shooting Club? Not quite sure if this will be pushed through coz Friday is going to be Brazil and Holland’s match.

Surely we’ll find time to try it. It’s been boss’ long time invitation as well to try out his new hobby in town.

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