15 August 2010

Giving Myself a Break!

The feeling of excitement begins when you start counting days and wait for the grand day-1 of your vacation. The time that you will let yourself finally escape from strenuous schedule and activities at work, avoid the nuisance of city life. All you look forward is to forget the busy lifestyle…of taking a break from the unending phone calls in the office, emails that seems to always demand a very urgent reply, pile of documents in front of you to review, etc. and just embrace the ecstatic feeling of being free for a while!

The above might be just one of the reasons people want to escape and off for a break. Others have different. Mine? A combination of work-related and personal concerns so to speak. Not for anything else, but I am taking a break for myself! To rejuvenate myself to a new me.

….and now, the 30-day vacation is over.

Time flies so fast. I am back to face the real world I live. To get back to things I am used to do and take care responsibilities that have been entrusted to me. But the question is, how much am I ready to face the new challenges at work and life that awaits in my return? Well, whatever it may be, I just hope that I will always be the best of myself with confidence to start anew and resolve issues and challenges that may come my way!.....and be a better, stronger person me!

Some snapshots during my may-june 2010 vacation…..

Have fun!

(written sometime in june 2010)

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