05 August 2010

July 2010 Happenings

I have not been beside my pen for couple of weeks now. To use it to write something. To post something in my blog.

And now it’s time to be back with my precious little pen with me ;-)

It has been a month I was not really in the mood to pen down something that has been happening around me. Because it was almost 3 weeks that I was not feeling well. Yes, 3 weeks in July 2010.

I don’t dread of the burning temperature of the hot summer in the UAE. It just annoys me, lol! I can go and walk under the basking sun provided I have the right dosage of sun block with me ;-) well, avoiding from having sun burn! It’s the summer colds is what I always trying to avoid from. It’s so ironic that during winter season in the UAE, I don’t get sick, have cough and colds which always happen during summer time.

I was on and off in the office for a week. Have taken various home medications which I think made me more sick. And was feeling a bit ok, although the occasional cough was still there, I was already off for some small gathering with friends and staying up till early morning. Since I was not completely well yet, and with the spending hours of socializing and not having enough sleep, I was back in a much worse condition. Totally sick. It was almost 3 days lying in bed and feeling sorry for myself. Ohhh, it is so difficult to get sick and nobody’s around to take care of you. You get to miss everyone back home.

Thank God I’m a bit better now. But it’s weekend and my friends start giving me a call planning where to spend the weekend. My roommies are planning to have a small party tonight at our place then head to the bar. Another couple of friends are dragging me out to attend another birthday party. And on Friday to spend couple of hours at the iconic F1 race track in the UAE – The Yas Island! I wish I could really make it to all these events but I’m quite reserving myself to stay back and just enjoy my weekend indoors and go for my usual run in the park in the afternoon. I don’t want to get sick again, please.

Weekend mode in the office ;-)

Socializing does not literally mean meeting new people, making new friends face to face. In fact, I can socialize more online.

I always check my mail everyday coz this is just the common and the cheapest way to keep in touch with family back home, my siblings who are living miles, miles away, my friends I don’t know where on earth particularly they are staying now are once in a while sending me message. And it really makes my day reading a message from people who only send me once in a blue moon. And much more exciting when I receive a mail from someone whom I do not know but I enjoy reading it. That there is something they want to imply of getting to know “you”….more? I just don’t count the spams I receive coz it will just ruin the good mood ;-)
Six months ago, I pointed out small suggestions to my manager that could probably be implemented in the company we’re working for. Well I could not just go to the General Manager or Managing Director and tell “hey boss, could we do something like this and like that in the company?” I won’t be surprised if I’l be kicked out next day from office if I do that, lol!

With that list I sent to my manager 6 months ago, he reviewed and updated me the points that were already taken care of and the rest in progress. Emphasizing that the company is yes, attending to suggestions and cares the well being of their employees (I hope). I felt that my concern and suggestions are really being valued. That is because I have a manager that supports and listens to what his staff would feel about. Thank you very much.
Should I be concerned that until now, my heart doesn’t beat for someone else yet? (I know this sounds being corny. Please bear with me, I can’t just hold it, lol!)

Should I let the horrible past experience torture my future happiness? I know deep in my mind, I won’t allow it. I know I have already recovered well, but why I still feel I am not?
Have a nice weekend, everyone ;-)

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