26 August 2010

My Confessions

The tears that I have shed and sleepless nights thinking and asking of so many why’s are gone. I am able to appreciate more the beauty of life and the goodness of people around me. To help me forget the sorrows and learn to treat the past as an inspiration in forming a new life.

I am a witness of a strong faith will never lead us go wrong.
I have met few people I thought they can replace the empty space in my heart.
And lessen the pain I still feel but I wasn’t right.
I tried to patch up the hole of hatred that I felt for a while, but I realized I wasn’t being fair to myself that I have might.

And to those who wanted to come closer to me, to comfort me when I was weak
They may had their own personal objective but I thank them coz they made just a meek
Not to be fooled with anything that they make,
But realizing my self-worth more to be with the right one and be happy again at its peak.

However, finding the right one is a challenge coz you thought you already got, to tell
But, I might hate myself to think what if I will again fail?
And the history of the past will repeat what it’s been
Will I decide to still take my time or take the risk of falling inlove again?

To a dear special friend, tell me where should I start
Coz I certainly know I have already fully recovered from pains of the past
And now that I know I have already gained back the confidence of hope
Am I right to feel something beyond what I had and confess with the pope?

***I am going to take where my FATE would lead me with FAITH***

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