18 November 2010

Fashion Earrings

I so love everything about fashion.  From head to toe. But it's a pain-on-mah-pocket going with the latest trends available in store.  I am not a huge-earner to finance my latest fashion cravings so I stick to the cheapy-yet-stylish accessories that I can use at all times.

I am wearing here just some pairs of my earring collections available in my closet.  Got more of them from Forever21. I really don't know if I have to hate myself indulging this kind of stuff and being a fad-freak!

My best buddies would agree that I can not invest for a gold but will go for garbage like what I am wearing (*sigh*) What can I do, I just love garbages.  For there can also be $$$ in a garbage! Who knows, I'l make a penny out from my garbage indulgence ;-)

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