18 November 2010

Tea or Coffee?

It's always part of hospitality to offer something to drink to those who pays for a visit at anyone's place.  Hot or cold? Tea or coffee? Doesn't matter, will just depend on the guest's preference plus of course the availability of the drink to offer.

I find it surely, that giving an offer for a drink is a nice gesture to welcome guests.  However, let's admit it, not all is sensitive enough to think that this little kindness depicts our entire personality.  When it is universally known that the initial move of showing hospitality is by offering your guest a drink, it becomes a "MUST"-not-to-forget very first thing to do the moment they knock on your door.

I had the pleasure for the very first time experience to drink chamomile tea with mint offered by my long-time friend  in Dubai two days ago.  Well, it wasn't sort of a welcome gesture to have hospitality get in the picture but to help us ease to sleep as we've been on a state of tipsy-turvy kinda thing from the bottles of Corona and disturbing loud noise at the Pacquio Bar in Rocky's Cafe.  I have thought there's nothing wrong trying it but I was keeping in mind that I should get the soothing and relaxing effect after drinking the chamomile tea.  It might be sort of psychological interruptions (lol) or not, but believe me, it did work fine to me! I was asleep straight for 7 hours which is rare if I had the C with me before the night.

Finding that out, I became greedy and asked my friends to pick few boxes of the chamomile tea to bring with me to Abu Dhabi. Yesterday I had one and slept so peacefully, like no interruptions! And will absolutely have it every night before bedtime.  I fell inlove and that's an immediate feeling.  I can no more sleep without you, My Chamomile Tea ;-)

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