23 November 2010

Organizing my Garbage

I was breaking my head sooo hard for a long time thinking how am I going to organize my "garbage" in the closet.  I tried more of these hard-breaking ideas to have the garbages hang, used numbers of canister, cloth dividers, etc. but to no success. Apparently, they still look like a dump of garbage :-(

When I got the chance to solemnize my day-off yesterday, I was so at peace to think back of something to have this dump be organized once again. How am I suppose to think of something else when my focus nowadays is more of these garbage ;-) Hmmn, that makes sense a bit.

I grabbed some of my spare multi-purpose steel garbage organizer I got from IKEA and figured out how can I use them productively.  And the end result......

I know it doesn't appear so nicely as it does inside my closet (as usual, am not really good in taking photos), I am quite happy (it is so unlike myself huh, being unhappy with this trash?) how it turned out.

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