23 November 2010

Women buy stylish shoes of the wrong size

When it's obvious that I am really into fashion (I hope!), in no way I am against of what Veronica Valter posted (see below) from millionlooks.com.  I must agree that in our love for fashion, we should consider not just the stylish looks but the comfortability it brings as well.

Veronica Valter said: 

Of course I knew that women’s craziness about shoes can go too far but the fact that 37 per cent of females are ready to buy shoes which don’t fit them made me really surprised.

Shoes are great and they can make you look perfect like all those A-list celebs who wear Louboutins and Manolo Blahniks but is it worth it wearing shoes of the wrong size and fit?

According to statistics four in ten women are ready to purchase and then wear shoes which are not sized for them but are fashionable and look good.

But what was even more amazing is that not only women are ready for such a decision. Over 17 per cent of men also admitted buying shoes in the wrong size.

I guess this fact is closely related to the one revealed by a poll, which claims that 80 per cent of women suffer foot problems such as cracked heels, bunions, corns and ingrowing nails. And four out of ten with a foot problem have never sought medical advice. The survey was done by the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.

Lorraine Jones, from the society, said:
any of us find it hard to resist a bargain and the latest fashion must-have, but it’s important to remember that by buying ill-fitting shoes, you’re not only going to end up in discomfort, but you are also putting your health at risk.
What is particularly worrying is that this is just the number of people who are aware that they are buying ill-fitting shoes; many people are wearing the wrong sized shoes on a daily basis without even realizing it.’
She added:
That’s not to say we shouldn’t wear fashionable shoes or high heels, but it does mean that we should give our feet a break and see an expert if there is something wrong.’
Well, dear ladies, maybe it’s high time we thought about our feet rather than fashion?

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