18 December 2010

Boring Lifestyle? I don't think so!

Lettuce, Tuna and Eggs – my must-have foodies for the whole week round!
Those who have given up ‘flesh’ in exchange for a healthier and lighter way of living will appreciate what sort of food pyramid I follow.  It’s lettuce, tuna, eggs and bread should be there as well. It is not that I really strictly follow them but fatty and oily stuff is a big NO! Although sometimes I have this appetite and huge craving for junkies out from the fastfood chains, I ensure that those toxins I have taken in must be out the next day.  It’s like I poisoned myself but I don’t wanna suffer from it. I’m really weirdo, lol!

Seriously, I watch what I take in.  If I know I had something by which I was forced to have, I’m immediately up for a detox grab.  Prevention is better than never, lol! Or I might be doing some macgyver stuff to keep the body shaking and sweating. Oops, I know what you’re  thinking but it isn’t like that buddy.  It’s purely wholesome and healthy!

Life is too short, so enjoy while it lasts. Now myself on a boring lifestyle? I don’t think so! (maybe before L ) If you don’t see me running in the field, you might bump me at the bowling alleys or billiard halls, could be at the cha-cha and salsa dance lessons, perhaps? It’s time for a cool, healthier and active lifestyle change!

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