04 January 2011

My New Year Impressions and The Year That Was

Don’t ask me if I have made my list of new year’s resolutions for this year just like universally known of people promising to do ‘tis and ‘tat but seem to always fail ‘cos I ain’t have one. I must not deny, I used to be pathetic of listing down things I wanna do and accomplish but seem to never become successful. It’s always good at start but when things go a bit wrong, everything falls to be forgotten, neglected and the worst, given up instantaneously.

I really think it’s cool to pen down your visions but you should never be like me (lol). Like me who thinks exaggeratedly and sets things nearly unachievable. I aim for high and when I reach the peak of every tiny thing I want, I imagine it like an unstoppable indulgence that I want to have forever. Who doesn’t think like that? But it’s envisaged that an instant hit of a high mark denotes an immense collapse of your dreams and aspirations. And so I experience a lot of drawbacks from these non-carefully, unwell-thought, self-centered visions I myself set. I might have learned a lesson or not and come across with the same disappointment and failure, the easiest thing to do is accept that I am just human, made to err and everything is always part of this freakin’ life!

Noting the above, I will endeavor hard to set SMART goals. Slowly, but surely. And there, I hope I will never go wrong. Yes, I’m talking serious here.

I am a very spontaneous person but still with big DREAMS (of me again on exaggerations). Dreams that were not listed to pursue as a new year’s resolution. Not of aiming to have these dreams attainable at a short period of time but in due course I know the long wait is worth holding on. So now I am talking about ‘patience’ and not an impulsive-aggressive kid whose dreams were unlikely to attain and just retain to be unreal and set to be just boundless dreams. I hope I can keep this.

I have not promised anything, didn’t I? No freakin’ new year’s resolutions, no promises to be broken but ‘hopes’ to achieve something. That’s of course coupled with initiatives, executions and above all, guidance from the One up above. For whatever happens in between, it will always be His will. Yes indeed, it is His’.

Just to highlight of ‘His’ will that happened and which I have unexpectedly believed how the beginning of my New year will be. It might be unbelievable that everything happened too fast for a reason, too good to be true, and neither in my wildest dream have been thought of. But who am I to refuse and fight the will power and strong force that the One up above had desired? No amount of mortal excuses could ever equate and justify not to go on the river flow.

Despite of, I am always grateful. For ‘Hopes’ and I are still best buddies. Well, eversince. The very best friend that never run away no matter how huge those uncontrollable and beyond our forces have become. No matter how many New years will come, it will absolutely be the same best companion as I have thought and felt about and this is what keeps me holding on and to move forward to this kickin’ life!

More things to be grateful from the year that was:
1 – Broke up from almost 4 freakin’ years of a relationship. How stupid I was.
2 – Moved on (that was fast ) and relived my social life.
3 – Dated few but cupid didn’t really hit me so bad
4 – The fashion indulgence (hmmn, I am having thoughts should I be glad about this?)
5 – The boss who left us
6 – Reunited with long-time friends and met new ladies I always love to hang-out with. They’re sizzling hot! lol!
7 – Made it to the 1,500 m above sea level of mountains of Sagada
8 – Survived from almost 5 hours of darkness and coldness inside the cave. I did not suffer from hypothermia.
8 – I did not become a prey from an opportunist and great pretender
9 – My pair of glasses and contact lens
10 – I still have my boring job!!!

I’ve got definitely more tiny things to be thankful, but for the sake of not to hurt the people I may not be able to mention, I’d rather keep them myself to make everyone else at peace ;-)


Just keep hoping and be thankful for whatever we have and had, folks! Happy New Year!

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