22 February 2011

Black and Grey Tandem

Knitted tights from a thrift shop in Abu Dhabi. Shoes from DFC Mall - Dubai

The Watch is another birthday 2010 gift ;-)

Silver Gucci-inspired ring in a side walk shop in Dubai

apologies guys if I may bore you with a no-change of background.  i know i should be looking at some interesting spots for a new touch of flavor on the photos.  yes, i will definitely work on that.  meanwhile, please bear with my DIY snapshots 'til i can afford to get a professional photographer and scout the side walks of Abu Dhabi for my photo shoot.  do you reckon?

it's hump day again! 2 more days before the weekend and that means i'm close to having a decision should i push through the planned vacation for this year.  i'm still undecided so i'l leave it for the time being.

happy hump day folks ;-)
Earrings from F21 Abu Dhabi

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