13 February 2011

A Fashionista.....

is always up for a new look. New invention of mix and match of clothes to wear, accessories to pair, etc. kind'a thing. She doesn't stay on the conventional way of dressing up, of no style cos it's boring! And apparently, I'm kind'a feeling the same :-( Do I consider myself a fashionista? Ohh you judge, but be kind to me, ok?

I am very particular with the clothes, shoes and accessories to wear at work so I always pour an effort to prepare the "set" for the next day look at work.  It may look simple but still with my own touch of style.  I know I should give justice to what I'm talking about and that is to push myself documenting my everyday outfit. Do you think I can do it having to wake up at 5:10 AM (I will still look like a zoombie), for an hour travel in time to reach my office at 7:00 AM?  I even do my make-up in the office because I find it too difficult having it at home early morning and thinking of catching up our service on time.

Wish me well for this new undertaking :-) and ohhh, here are some of my DIY make-up snapshots!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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