01 February 2011

Officially hit 30’s and that is still YOUNG!

Yes, 19 Jan that is. So what if I am now at 30’s? It isn’t of getting old like you dread from but quite an achievement to pass through the first half of my existence. Yeah, yeah, I always say it – I still have 30 more years to hit off 60 and that is when I see myself I will be over (lol). I’m not kidding, to reach 60 years old exploring the world has to offer and enjoying life at its best is somewhat ideal and need not to be complained what Big G has given us.

Although I’m not a witch and no power to predict what’s going to happen tomorrow, I may or may not hit that 60 and something (lol), I have to enjoy day-by-day, do something even if I know it’s crazy, wild and stupid to feed my curiosity and satisfaction of an experience, I won’t hesitate trying them, and maybe again and again. Ohh, don’t think much, it’s no big deal cos I always follow the social norms (hahaha) and being extra careful not being caught!

So, one great piece of advice – ENJOY LIFE!

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