19 February 2011

The Four Corners of my Office

and what has to be done during lunch time? Lock the door, set up the camera and capture the looks of my every single day of existence ;-) Sort of having this thing as my photo diary. 

Ok, so my 3-day weekend is over.  Two days were enjoyably spent in Dubai dining out with long-time friends and on for a retail therapy for a claimed boredom and a look-out to satisfy up my self innovation indulgence ;-) and this isn't difficult in Dubai especially when Shopping Festival is on! Whew, unbelievable price cuts that I feel inlove with.  Will post those items I picked wandering around at the Dubai Outlet Mall and Dubai Festival City in the next coming posts.  Meanwhile, will just unveil some of my everyday look taken at the four corners of my work station. All in Feb 2011.

Happy sunday everyone - xxx

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