16 February 2011

Going Green

So this is my outfit for today at work.  Yay, I'm going green! Seems like I'm going eco-friendly today...and that's with the green (the straight one, lol)

The top I'm wearing has been in my closet for ages.  Poor one, was begging on me to have her be worn again ;-) And thanks to my friend who gifted me this lovely tights on my birthday.  Hmmn, don't you just love birthdays?  Just don't think that you're aging but the gifts that will be showered unto you.  These will absolutely come especially when you had your guests enjoy the buffet dinner you have set up for them :-)

Yay, today is the weekend already here in the UAE.  And since when wednesday became the weekend? Tomorrow is holiday here in celebration of the the Prophet Mohammed's Day.  Actually the day was on 15 Feb but since it's in between working days, the government ruled out to have the off day on Thursday instead.  Hmmn, sounds like the same Philippine practice don't you think? ;-)

I will head to Dubai for the weekend and by just this time, am thinking what i'm gonna wear for a day-long expose from a shiny yet cold weather of the UAE. 

Happy wednesday-weekend everyone! ;-)

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