14 March 2011

Monday Thoughts

I feel productive and accomplished today.  Nothing much to brag about it but I was able to completely organize my files as I planned long time back.  I started this project almost a year ago and didn't have much effort to finish in one setting because of the ad-hoc type of works I have to do first rather than  those ones I have in my to-do list.

Everytime I feel to continue this filing on my PC, I easily get bored so I have to entertain myself a bit to be motivated to work back 'til the last working hour of the day (*wink). But that rarely happens. I normally ended spending my last hour at work on reading news, blogs, more reading, a lot of reading of anything, etc. and etc.

That probably could make you think I'm wasting time while at work, but it isn't.  I can recall with one of my superiors told me before (which I completely agree) that most of employees utilize only 50% to do official work and the remaining 50% of working hours goes to several activities either for personal or for any other purpose.  My way of reading and knowing things is a self-help method of acquiring knowledge (I hope) that somehow brings good result to productivity and effectiveness at work.

It's just a simple logical equation.  I learn from what I read and so I apply what I learn to what I am working at.  Yes, this is serious.  I can figure out a good example here.  I was asked to present a survey form on an excel sheet with drop down menu, a lot of formatting to be done and should be secured that should not allow alterations on the form.  How should I know this stuff ?  Take a guess!  Funny isn't it? 

My heart broke as I was browsing the photos of Japan tragedy. None of the japanese surely had thought how powerful and deadly an 8.9 magnitude quake followed by a Tsunami that had caused several loss of people's lives and major uncertainties that still await Japan, Asia and the rest of the world brought about by this disaster. 

Another heart-breaking moment to see the political instability in Libya.  Our sympathy to the citizens who have lost their families defending for what they believe in, expats who have lost their jobs and struggled to free themselves from the political unrest in the country.  We hope and pray that this crisis will come to end very soon.  

I am planning to have a 2-week vacation at home in few days to see mom and the rest of the family.  Please don't judge me with that distasteful look yet if  I say that I am not really excited to go home.  You can't blame me 'cos I myself don't understand why I feel the same.  Is it because most of my relatives and friends are overseas too? Maybe?

I am not too keen as well to drop by SG or BKK to see other friends because I know they aren't be available and I would not like disturbing them when they have more important thing to attend to - job and take a rest after work.

Well, I hope I can make the most out of my mini-vacay. 

I am going for an hour and half run again later in my usual attempt to cut the fats which I didn't want eversince. 

Hugs! hugs!


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