13 March 2011

Weekend Update

My weekend celebration should have started early last Thursday night for a full of fun at one of my friends' birthday party  but unfortunately I wasn't able to make it.  I was double dead tired after work and headed straight to bed snaggling myself (with a bit of self pity*).  I was unwell on a Thursday night when I am supposed to be having fun with girl friends.  I even prepared couple of games to play off at the party and I was just too excited myself to really have fun that night but everything went just nowhere and ended myself watching cartoons ;-)

So enough with complaint having not partied on Thursday.  I've got enough reason to smile the following day (Friday) meeting up Ruby.  Paz as usual had her no-show because of her claimed after-party sleepless night followed an early work the following day so she needed to gain back her sanity and get rid of the zombie eyes* for awhile.  So, that put Ruby and I only to meet Te* and To*, the new friends, over for lunch. It was fun indeed having company with people you feel you already like with that first impression you have for them.  Hey, that is not for anything else but the way a person talks, share stories and make you laugh are just enough for me to like his company.  I wouldn't want to be in a company of a nod-and-shake type of person and then worse if the talking will just be left over to me.  I'd rather be alone and pretend to be crazy talking to myself than with somebody who is mute by choice. 

But I don't know what was the impression they had for me / us.  I felt a bit uneasy after we made each "byes" and "see you arounds".  I realized how I talked a lot that almost made To* or Te* not to talk (I think) anymore when they are the native english speakers!  I felt like I was dominating over with the conversations we had. I hope I wasn't. I don't know if this is me being the spontaneous or just the mere talker of anything that can be discussed on the table especially with new people I just met.  I talk and share whatever pops in my mind.  That's no hypocrisy but it comes out naturally.  I could be misunderstood for trying to make an impression? You may, but I am not! Start off with a topic that I can discuss with you and I will be happy to share my thoughts, otherwise, I will be more than glad to be honest to say that "I don't know" for anything I have no knowledge of.

I think they didn't hate my company for being such a talkative* (I have to get rid of this sickness) at all because we planned still to watch a movie.  But that became just a plan because of unexpected change of plan too for their earlier commitments.  That was fine, but the girls cannot be held to carry on to the movie when the guys are out so I and Ruby made it instead.

Saturday.  I have initially planned to have the day for myself.  That is to have a little bit of fixing my wardrobe, doing my laundy, a home-cooked lunch to prepare, a 2-hour weekend - bathroom stay and an afternoon nap.  But unfortunately nothing has been done.  I was dragged to join my roomies for their Dubai trip.  Oh well, that didn't really excite me.  I was on and off Dubai every weekend for the past weeks and literally I didn't want to step the Dubailand that soon yet. But the guilt-pulling way of convincing by the roomies made my lazy self stand up and prepare for a 30-minute coffee, bath and dressing up all in half hour time.

There's a lot to mention what happened in between that Abu Dhabi-Dubai-Abu Dhabi trip.  Some heart-pounding near-misses, funny go-and-back directions while tracking the way to Shindagha tunnel, the assignments that were delegated to the three of us to remind her* to be alert with the traffic lights, etc. which made it more hilarious putting ourselves like driving instructors and countless of prayers being said to keep us and our way safe.

Sh* was indeed brave to battle the traffic of Dubai roads.  I give her ten points for that but putting our lives all on something you're certain what will happen is a disgrace by all means.  That should regard the accountability that you will shoulder whatever happens to those who trusted and believed you.  The known scenario should have been thought responsibly before starting up the engine.  But things happened and pointing fingers to anyone doesn't make any good at anyone.  The only great thing to do now is to Thank God that we made it, still alive and kicking!

P.S. Will post few photos on our Dubai trip as soon as I get copies of them.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!


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