17 May 2011

30-minute Office Makeover

Nah, it is not really a complete makeover that I have to put on new furnitures and equipment in my office but just a re-arrangement of my working and side tables. 

It's actually the original arrangement when I first moved into this office.  A year after, I felt some eye inconveniences and  blamed it to the window glare reflecting on my monitor.  So I arranged the whole office setting to avoid it and experience a new face of my quarter.  

But still I wasn't happy.  I just don't know if this comes with the Feng Sui by the chinese or something else on proper arrangements or putting on stuff in the right direction, etc.  I have no idea about it but I felt stranged on how the 2nd arrangement was made so I finally decided to have my office arranged back as it was.  I just gave more room on the back part making it wider and comfortable for my rounds and to be a bit distant from the window. 

Surely this setting will last. I hope :)

Still with that annoying too bright light on the window

And this is my outfit today.  I know, I know it does not look super but please be good to me because of what I have mentioned on this post.  I really hope next time to come up with a not-so-boring looks when I will be off to go a bit slow on my work outs.

Much love ;) xxx

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