18 May 2011

Weekend at a Birthday Party

One more day and it's weekend again! Well for those who are in the UAE like me, and two more days for those who are on the usual Monday through Friday work week. Anyway, it doesn't matter what day you end the week as long as you have that time / day set for yourself to just chill and relax.  Staying away from the busy corporate world for a while and be a "normal being" to break some ice freezing all week long at work ;)

My weekend?  I always look forward to enjoy and have fun.  It doesn't mean hitting the bar or at any party place but I set things that I like / loving doing most.  A movie and dinner with girl friends, mini-shopping (is there really a word like this?), sleeping straight for eight hours (been ages I have not done this), and should I skip my weekend workout? of course not! Or simply pampering myself for a two-hour bathroom stay with my bestfriends - wax strips, scrub, hotoil and my moisturizers :)

Ok, enough said with all 'tis and 'tat of my weekend.  The last one was a bit different.  I had a 3-day weekend break. Whooah! 'cos I didn't go to work on a Thursday.  I will tell you later why, lol!

So, the highlight of the weekend that was is the birthday party I went for.  It was fun. Drinks Overflowing.  Food was yummy but I stayed on my limit intake so I did not have much.  Really took much control from my side ;)

Ohh, and it ended at 4am! Pretty late that I ended having a sore eyes.  I wanted to exit a bit early from the party but I was asked to stay a bit longer.  Well, it did not really take much persuasion for me to stay back, lol! Why should be anyway. Thanks Emma, you were really so accommodating.  Really enjoyed the party but not the sore eyes, lol!

And what's next for this weekend? Stay tuned ;)

warning: massive photo posts

Put those fire away from me, pls!

No, this isn't New Year yet!

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