22 March 2010

Back to my Sanity!

Time to pen down something – I am totally back on my sanity! Yohoo! Pretty excited in the next few days, weeks, months? I’m just referring to my month vacation coming very soon 

Yes, I’m pretty excited with the development coming my way. Communicating with people does not really stop me whether I am in a bad mood, in pain, in joy or in ecstasy. Letting out and sharing with friends and people you trust of what you feel inside really helps you to be in comfort. Cry out loud if you wish and trust me, you’ll feel better after. Be open as well with advises you think will make you good. Try to forget the past. Much better if you can revive yourself to be a new you.

Needless to say, I’m d*mn comfortable man! I did it and I’m truly proud of it! Let me refresh how did I handle it  something to write on my blog:

- An hour chat with girl friends about what happened. With a huge smile. Something you feel like at last, time to start for a new episode! Lol!
- Headed to a night club, had some few drinks, danced like nobody watches, met some old and new friends and stayed out till 6AM!
- Was a bit tipsy but it really paid off my night

- Alcohol does not really help! Ouch! Hangover, hangover! Had headache but what Panadol cannot do? Was asleep till 2PM
- Went to the beach for a swim with girl friends. Had nice time and healthy exercise

- Early woke up at 8AM. Went for a round in the city for 3 hours. Shopped for some personal items. Backed home at 12nn and had lunch. Had an afternoon nap and headed to corniche for my usual run and jog

What more to be done on a weekend? Ohh, might have a bit difference if everything will hit off just right. My social life is active again and who knows whom I’m going to bump into 

Oh by the way, I just really enjoyed talking with couple of old friends last night. Too many things I have missed. Hopefully it's going to be the practice from now on... :-)

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