29 March 2010

Reuniting with Family and Friends ----) A Helpful Tool?

I know, I know I can’t just turn back just like that! In as much as I wanna give space for myself yet recovering fast from a pathetic non-sense emotional distress (as if! Lol!), it’s taking time (oh by the way, I just set a week healing program. Ha! Ha! Ha! I think it’s long enough?) coz there are just too many things related in the past that you can’t avoid running away or neglect from. Common friends and people you both know or you knew the person because of him/them unexpectedly you just bumped with followed with “how are you both now” Oh come on people, give me a break! Then how am I supposed to completely get rid of the mistake I did and not worth remembering for?

….and I really don’t know why that even the people whom I presumed to be much closer to him (and not to me. Does blood is thicker than water prevails now?), just comfortably updating me for what’s happening at the opposite’s end. I am not asking for it. At the end of the day, it’s no important to me at all. For what should I be interested again? Isn’t it should be proper that I should take merit on what is currently developing on me at this point?

Well, no issues…it will all just be for a good laugh! Sit back and let loose of my laughing nerves for what I just knew Ha! Ha! Ha! Another fatty flavor of the season. I knew it, and I was just too good to be an observer.

Ok folks, till the next update. Definitely time to break the ice -----) from my side.

Good luck!

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