20 March 2010

Picking up some pieces....

I was never been so depressed like this. Sleepless nights, lose of appetite, headache and through ups are just really unbearable. Too difficult to start a new beginning of an another episode of your life. You tried too hard to ignore the unpleasant thoughts brought about the parting ways with someome but seems that the more you want to forget it, the more it dwells in your mind.

I just hope that I'l be able and I know I would, to be over about it. Too many reasons why this and that happen and I know I am sure will definitely for a good one! You lose some, you win some!

Time will heal, get close and attached to my wholeself again. Embracing singlehood is indeed enjoyable. Though I'm not closing doors, only time and fate can tell when and whom to be falling again.

Have to celebrate and enjoy everything what life has to offer. And above all, inspite and despite of how many times I stumbled and failed, thank God for making me a much stronger person to hold on to life and continue celebrating it with people dear to me :-)

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