31 March 2010

Staff's Incapacity to Project Professionalism in the Company

Quite pissed off a bit early this morning while on board at work. So time to pen down again whatever thoughts I have at this point in time to at least lessen before it reaches the maximum boiling point of my blood pressure :-P

No wonder that staff or should I say low rank and file employee in the company remains to be just what they are, meaning no chances to be acknowledged for what they are being there because of the attitude and incapability to project the very least of company's goodwill. And 'mind you, they are the ones who are even demanding that they should be like this, salary increase, aknowledgement for an immaterial stuff to consider, etc. Well, not all (that includes me when it comes to initiative-wise, efficiency of work performance stuff! I'm far different enough!lol!) to mention but most are like them.

Anyway, it's just a sort of "how the h*ll this little boy sit down in that office without knowing his functions and undergoing teamwork orientation?" Come on boy, you need to grow up a little bit. I know you're too young at age but it's not an excuse not knowing the SOP of the office!

Have a nice day, folks! :-)

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