03 April 2010

Famous “can you be my bitch?” Lines

Just want to share couple of “Super Sweet Lines” you could ever read. Hmmn, who would think twice not to say “yes” if you constantly receive these kind of messages from a guy? But I just wonder if these are genuinely what a guy feels or just copied from somewhere or might have been retrieved from his archive files (yeah, I know! lol!) which were the famous punch lines he used with previous bitches (hey, bitch stands for Babe In Total Control of Herself! :-) he hooked up with? Lol!

Here are some of those lines………….

“If you come 1 step close, I’ll come 2 steps closer. And if you'll move back, well, it’s not meant to be”

"Don’t worry about me, just be careful with my heart. I sent it to stay with you”

“It’s nice of you being the last thing in my mind before I sleep and the first thing when I wake up”

“You thief? I thought you'll only take my heart but you took also my mind. How am I supposed to work now?"

"I am not staying with you. It is my heart who packed his things and moved to live with you forever"

"My love is not by knowing you are the one I want to live with. It's by knowing that you are the one I can't live without. I cannot picture my life without you. It wil be nothing coz there is only one ... that is you!

"You asked me if you're beautiful I said no. You asked me u if I want to be with you I said no. You asked me will you cry if I leave you I said no. Because you're not just beautiful you're gorgeous and I don't want you to be with me...I need you to be with me. I will not cry if you leave... I will just die!" - Hahaha! What a bluff huh?

A man would really do a bit of an effort (as if!) to get his bitch..Lol! Will send funny messages which are supposed to be said wholeheartedly. The lady who is for sure on playing games will go with the flow because of a hidden agenda and share to her friends (that doesn’t include me…oops, I just knew here lately) and laugh out loud about it! Gush, poor guy…the talk of the town and “a friend of benefit” stuff.

Who would be a descent woman on earth will talk about a guy and proud of saying “Woohhh…he’s so crazy about me, and now time to begin the show!” Definitely she will not commit an emotional attachment to “this guy who according to her is crazy” because she is in another relationship as well! Gee…..how is that? Tsk, tsk, tsk……

Well, they might have the same agenda so we should have no comment about that. It’s just funny how things are going nowadays. We don’t know whose win or lose in this game. The Bitch or The Beast? You think? Woaahhhhhh!

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