17 April 2010

Highlighting 16-17 April 2010

It's Sunday again! The first day of the week and time to focus a new set and pending works to be done in the office. Well, I have started few new works and finished off my pending last week so before I continue with the new set of work again, let me take a break and pen down what happened during the past week and the weekend.

It's getting exciting! I'm socializing again :-)

I am quite delighted with a drastic development happening. I am happy with the decisions I made although I was in dilemmas and turned to have pieces of depressions after making such certain decision. There's nothing to be surprised about it coz it's the usual scenario when you have troubled mind and difficulties. But again, it's totally up to you how are you going to handle that scenario. Yourself is the master of all your feelings, whether you choose to be happy or miserable. And I chose to be happy, bringing it day-by-day :-)

Ok, what keeps me smiling nowadays? Pretty excited what's going to happen more in the next couple of days, weeks, months? Let's wait and see.

I don't normally party or stay up late during the week. And so to say, I don't go out. Working days are for work. That's my point. Weekends are for myself. Time to relax and no work to think about. It's just setting of proper timings for everything.

However, last Wednesday was different. I was like dragged to somewhere I can't refuse. My mind was telling me, "You've got a day work still tomorrow. Why not wait for tomorrow since the next day is your off already. You can go out and stay up late as you like." But with the follow-up calls and good convincing powers of my girl friends, so I didn't win this time. I went out on a working day!

We head to Sheraton for the "ladies night" and stayed till 2AM! Yes, 2AM and I needed to wake up at 5AM to prepare myself for work at 7AM! I forgot the time as I was enjoying chatting with people whom I do not know. Well, asking what, which and how. It was my first time in the place and as normally people say, "When you're in Rome, do what the Romans do!" so that was I was thinking. If somebody would approach me with a smile and wishes to talk to me, I have to smile back and talk to him/her too. This wasn't me before who was a snob and would not even bother to talk especially with guys who approach like will bring you in trouble. The very oppossite of Lourdes now :-)

Thursday has not exciting story to tell. We're suppossed to attend a get-together but didn't push through as my girls weren't available. So went for the usual cycling I had with roommies. And quite not happy as we decided to head to Marina Mall way where parents and kids are everywhere in the cycling range. We felt too tired because of the stress avoiding not to hit-off anyone whose playing around in the cycling lane when it is supposed for cyclers..

Friday was a bit exciting. I went for a drink and waited my girls at the bar. Was quite late when they came and quickly left me off then. Well, it was too late for them as I was already enjoying chatting with somebody I was introduced with :-) I don't know how could I enjoy talking over screaming and shouting as we didn't clearly hear each other. The funny thing was, we always keep on repeating, "I'm really sorry but I didn't get what you said, it's too noisy here."

Since it was really too noisy inside and getting me annoyed with always being asked "Sorry, I didn't get it", after each of our drink, we decided to leave the place and continue where the conversation stopped. He was just too nice talking to me and so I enjoyed chatting with him back with I don't know where on earth I got all those topics sharing with him, lol! I hope they are of sense :-)

The conversation continued and the normal exchange of "what do you do", etc. came up. Just as normal disclosing of half-cooked infomation, I was fine with that. I think there is no need to go in full detail as at first you wouldn't be interested to know somebody that that much...hahaha! Seriously, how the way a person talks impress me more. Physically yes but I am more into into personality inside combined with the wits and wisdom would be a plus! Sorry baby, I'm into that!

When he asked me to give my number, I even replied him in a sarcastic tune "you want to see me again?" and then he replied me back with "yeah, I think so? if you don't mind." But that couldn't just be the reason I have to give out my number right away. There is not much to tell about it but I was thinking it was just like of piece of conversations and will stop there. This is what I know with people I hear most.

I guessed he noticed that I didn't want to give out my number or maybe he just thought that I forgot. Well, I was pretending to. I just didn't want to give an impression that anybody will think "like this and that". Better being safe. So he handed to me his business card and quite awed with what I read. There are loads of reasons to ask why and I know, I know I have to keep it for myself :-)

I don't know if I will see him again. He's flying back to his home country for 2 weeks and I'l be leaving too on 7th May. Quite tight with schedule and I really don't know, only time, depends can bring us to see each other again.

It was nice meeting you though C.W., until then.

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