12 April 2010


I promise to be OK at all times for those who loves and always there for me - my Family,
I promise to sleep at 9PM sharp to complete my 8-hour sleep and feel fresh to go to work in the morning,
I promise to maintain my biking, walking and jogging to be done alternately everyday,
I promise to hit my target of 45kgs weight before the year ends,
I promise to focus for myself and family's wellness,
I promise not to be of lost contact with my dear friends,
I promise to be more strong and tough when I come across with challenges,
I promise to be more productive at work and be sociable with people at work,
I promise to smile at all times,
I promise to reserve my tears only for something worth to cry for,
I promise to treat life easy and not complicated,
I promise to enjoy my life to the fullest,
I promise to travel abroad at least every 2 years,
I promise to finish off my house after 2 years, (hope it won't be too late)
I promise to let my mom and aunt feel happy always. I promise not to let them down.

I promise to have a much stronger faith in God.

I promise not to be easily tempted with something unworthy and worldy things,
I promise to keep good amount of $ for my mom and aunt...and ok, for myself,
I promise that there will be no turning back on whatever bad memories I have left behind,
I promise to stop being crazy thinking about why's,
I promise to be myself as a new me, a totally renewed me,

From now on, I promise to live a new life.....

My new beginning.......

Stand by for my next updates.

Have a nice Monday afternoon, folks!

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