07 April 2010

My Revenge

You just don't have any idea the pain that you have left in me.

You asked me if what you did was forgiveable? Yes it is...but it may take some time. I am not sure when. For as long as I am able to remember all the insults and disrespects that you allowed to be felt by me, I can't promise that forgiveness can be too soon.

All I have in mind is revenge. A revenge through powerful prayers that in time I will be able to smile again, that my wounded heart will hopefully beat once again for the right one, that I will be able to see again the sunshine and play till the sun down. And that maybe the time I can say, you are already forgiven.

All I wish for now is to forget the pain but it's like endless. Yes I am trying to move on but still along with your face of a monster. Keeps following me when I don't need you anymore.

You are celebrating while I am in pain. This is your day and wait for mine. I will show you how it is to be in a dime, being tossed with the probability that you will go down.

Please go away and leave me alone! You're not helping coz you are killing me more. The pail of hatred was almost half done but you have fulled it again. Because the more you show up, is I hate you more!

(written for BAK)

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