11 April 2010

Thursday Nightout on a Pair of Shorts :-)

It's been three long years since I had my last visit to a disco bar. And it was only followed last Thursday (well, for a really night of fun!) - basically a night out with old girl friends. How nice being re-united again with them. Remembering those days where we go jump in to somewhere to spend the weekend and laugh over our crazy times.

Last Monday,I phoned one of my girl fiends for a casual "hi" and "hello" talks and turned out to be planning of where to hit off over the weekend. So as early as Monday, we both agreed to meet and go for a night out.

Just a glimpse on how I wasn't so prepared for the night...going out on a pair of shorts was really comfortable but I thought might not be appropriate with the crowd. I was thinking they are going to bring me to this european bars they always boast me off coz of the classy ambiance of the place. But it turned out to be in a different place. Anyway, there's nothing big about that. At least, I dressed up ok vis-a-vis with the place we went in.

Next time will be more on dressing up...I hope so!

It was fun. Normally if I start to hit the dance floor with the tune of a really-inviting music, I'm non-stoppable. I just dance, dance and dance! I take advantage of not going for a jog that day so that way I can still burn a good amount of calorie I took in for the day. So I did.

Just had one glass of bullfrog and feelin' a bit tipsy. Oh am not really that drinker, just a sip and i'l sleep! We went off to one of the Petrol stations in Corniche with all the coffee shops and convenience store that operates 24 hours to grab some coffee and cookies to freshen up. I couldn't believe we spent 2 hours there as I don't remember something we talked about..hahaha! I dont think I was asleep at that time! lol!

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