23 September 2010

Dared to Make and Speak

Who dared make my stuff like this?

The culprit? Who else other than “the boss”!

I thought he was up for an official something asking me if I could give him a piece of paper, scissors, tape and a red pen. Without hesitations and no questions at all, I gave him what he asked for..except the red pen which unfortunately mine wasn’t in good writing condition anymore.

I really like this cute little miniature on my desk. It at least gives me the feeling like having a real one (am I not that obsessed?)…or could help me imagine closely how “mine” will look like once this little precious is given to me.

In as much as I like this miniature, the boss seems not pleased. That it scares him and will likely to give him a nightmare when he’s staring at it. Funny, isn’t it? Anyone can have a wildest imagination over anything. And never I knew, he planned something to change the way it looks!

My poor little cutie, I’m really sorry :-(


I was a bit disturbed with these lines.

As I mentioned in some of my posts, I am truly blessed having superiors I am comfortably working with. I was trained (thanks former bosses) to voice out anything that I have in mind, to be outspoken. I was put to believe that there is no right and wrong suggestions / opinion and even the silliest idea I can mention.

Having mentioned that, early morning today, we’re on the mood of tiny little jokes (seems everyone is in good mood for the weekend) about our expressions calling everyone in the office “boss”. While finishing off my never-ending manpower report (an 80-page report which is really giving me huge headache), we planned (and that means myself with my blah, blah, blah) to have the format simplified and sit with HR to have it revised and come up with an agreed form for the subsequent reports. The current form multiplies the effort in doing individual insertion of reports from the site and departments. Yes, my report depends from their submissions.

Apparently, the month is about to be over and I have not completed the report yet. Coz I still have to wait (maybe until Christmas) for two more reports coming from the most outstanding site and department (this is exaggerating!). Informed “the boss” about this. How lovely it is that they got one and I wasn’t copied in the mail! So “the boss” with his gesture (I don’t know if I was just unconscious), and said “so boss, please tell me what to be done” (that is actually to forward the mail with the report attached to it) thought really that the joke started early in the morning was just carried out. But I don’t know why it seemed like it was different to what I have understood. It was real different and became more when I received that message.

I really hope it was just a joke, “boss”?

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