21 September 2010

Skipped Lunch!

Planners are just driving me crazy. So much delays in submitting reports and really need to chase them and worst, beg them to remind doing their responsibilities – in updating and sending their reports.

I am supposed to finish off the weekly reports yesterday so can start off for the manpower’s. However, thanks to some of our dear planners who are really submitting their reports without fail (to be delayed) that only now I am able to finish it. Skipped my lunch break at 12noon just to finish off to submit the same on time – as in this hour.

Gush too hungry, really! And when am really in the mood to spoil my appetite a bit, I crave for a heavy meal. But this time I couldn’t get into such coz there is no way I can order food aside from the usual food Sunday through Thursday regular menu we have in the canteen. Can’t get such coz I am working 45 km away from the city, in the deserted area of Abu Dhabi City of UAE!

So I have to stick to what I have brought in for my lunch today…..

Care to have some?

Bon a petit!

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